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Has ike decimated the lone star rally?

I had a fantastic Tuna sandwich on the back deck, resting on top of and also watching out over the water. The Lone Celebrity Rally is one of my preferred occasions, something I expect each year. A little Bourbon Street chaos on the Strand, all sort of suppliers as well as occasions galore. Hotels which would certainly have been full in an additional 6 weeks will most likely still be replacing walls and expecting a working sewer system. I live north of Houston & let me tell you Ike was one tricky SOB. Some rain, some wind, a little bit gusty sometimes and also the ensuing blackout. Immaterial, been there done that, got the t-shirt to confirm it!The back end of that storm was un-freekin-believable, killer winds as well as torrential downpours of rainfall. Trees falling over, roots & all, fences down, glass rattling so hard, you’re waiting for the implosion. Ike did much more damage in the last hr than he had in the previous 5. Yes I did say he, that was one thinking tornado. Then, like a terrific fighter with a one 2 knock out punch, he returned about and ripped the trees right out of the ground, tossing them through structures, fencings and cars. They had no concept that before the day was done, 8,000 of their fellow-countrymans would certainly die with the city. The wrongdoer was a typhoon. 7-foot-high island that Galveston called residence. With each other, the wind and the water destroyed whatever in their path and also developed the most awful natural catastrophe in America’s background. I’m wishing for a somewhat speedy recovery so the island will certainly be capable of hosting it. The title rise knocked around everything but that Texan type Galvestonian spirit. This time of the year is lovely in Texas and also I sure will certainly miss visiting my favorite dining establishments and also bars when I ride down this way. I hope they rebuilt it soon. Understanding lots of people from there, I understand they have that “6 Million Dollar Guy” perspective.