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The beginning of the rally car: audi quattro 4wd

The Audi Quattro created in 1980 was the 2nd car to have 4WD. The Quattro was developed with a smaller differential to allow a front install for the transmission. The initial driveshaft put emphasis on the front wheels, with the other driveshaft for the back tyres. The Quattro was turbocharged with 200bhp; this allowed the automobile to go from 0 to 60 in a mere 7. The world was very pleased with the Quattro both when traveling as well as at the rally track. The rules had been changed for rally automobiles and that is why in 1980 Audi saw the opportunity to equip their rally auto with four wheel drive. This held true, yet due to the fact that Audi upgraded the four wheel drive system to be lighter it functioned to their benefit. For 6 years Audi held the various other companies off as well as came to be the imperious force at the world rallies. The Audi Sport Quattro S1 became the last embodiment of the rally car. This was added to by the 590 horsepower of the 2. 1 litre engine. The factor of such a layout was for the win. There was little doubt that the noise of the turbo and the lorry design jazzed up the rally scene. The name Quattro is still used today in spite of the end of the road vehicle in 1991.