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A close friend of mine went to the “Mending Honor” rally in Washington, D. Here is his report from the event:” Expense, Being an expert of Washington, I drove in Saturday early morning versusthe guidance of the mainstream media. Wow, that was difficult. and also I was placed for a quick exit, once the occasion was over. No earlier had I parked than numerous others did the same. When I got to the edge, I can see people coming from all directions. Crossing 14th Street, you could see huge streams of individuals heading to the Shopping mall location, which is in between the Washington Monolith and the Lincoln Memorial. I discovered a hassle-free tree to park under, as it was already concerning 85 degrees. This had to be the quietest large crowd I have actually ever before been around. They got along and also very respectful. People ranged in age, from babies to individuals in their 90’s. There were no anti Obama indications, no anti government indicators, although there were some extremely creative points on T Shirts that made me laugh. I interacted by cellular phone with various other good friends who were a complete mile behind me, and also others who were also better back. The program started about 10:15 and rolled along smoothly. What I listened to was a phone call to petition and representation. The armed force was honored, as it should be. Several others were also honored. Individuals were still coming into the area. The area around the Washington Monolith was full. As I strolled back to 14th Road, individuals were still being available in from all directions. The Washington Post barely mentioned the occasion. The mainstream media all but neglected the occasion, favoring to show a furious AL Sharpton, at a counter occasion that attracted concerning 1000 people. As Istated previously, I have been to a few occasions at the Mall. My price quote of the group was 400,000 to 500,000. I was reminded this morning of Jackson P, who utilized to send Memo’s whenever someone got fired at the business, that always ended, “We desire him well in his new venture. If they recognized fifty percent as high as they think they do, they wouldn't be in difficulty with their other halves constantly. ( That’s the means it is below !) Take care, Murph”.