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Three teams rally for two playoff spots

Two out of 4 NFC departments have already been secured: the East by the Eagles and the North by the Bears. The bright side for the Falcons are that regardless of having actually shed to the Saints on Monday Evening Football by 17-14, they were able to pay for losing it as they had a margin mistake, suggesting that they continue to depend only on themselves to finish in first place. Their rival will be the Carolina Panthers as well as the Falcons have the home area benefit where they have actually only shed to the Saints this period. A victory was all that separated the Saints from the playoffs prior to beating the Falcons, as well as with their win they have accomplish it. The mathematics here is easy: whoever wins secures division, as basic as that. Seattle originates from a three-lost streak, while St. Louis finished with a series of 2 defeats this past weekend with a win against the San Francisco 49ers by 24-17. Despite these touches, a win from the Seahawks would certainly be providing them the advantage in the connection breaker, as they would be favored by a much better win percent in division games (4-2 over 3-2). And their final video game takes place to be exactly versus the Bears in the house. Their qualification to the first round depends upon 2 situations: a win, which would instantly certify them without needing to depend upon various other outcomes, or a loss from the Giants on Week 17 that would certainly approve them a playoff berth. With the leading spot in the East already won by the Philly Eagles (10-4), the Giants (9-6) rally for a first round ticket along with the Packers. Their last game is away versus the Washington Redskins, and also they want a win in addition to a loss from Environment-friendly.